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Thoroughbred racing partnerships  
christopher Crocker
Chris Crocker
The Road To Race Horse Ownership


Owning race horses can be one of the most exciting thing you have ever done. The overwhelming emotion that overcomes a grown man or woman, watching their horse finish first, is indescribable. We have built a site that will give you all the tools you need to learn more about horse ownership. If you have any questions about how you can get involved in owning a thoroughbred race horse, contact Crocker Racing Stable or We also offer partnerships that will reduce cost and risk and allows you to own multiple horses for a fraction of the cost. Please feel free to navigate throughout out our web site to learn more about ownership.

Partnership Options Exclusively offered by Crocker Racing Stable

Class A Partnerships

In a Class A partnership, a single investor can buy one or more shares of a single horse or a group of horses. Generally the shares will be divided by 100. This type of partnership will operate much like a stock. The managing partner will act as the director. The initial cost of the horse and the training fees plus veterinarian care is divided among the share holders. The trainer, in most cases, will retain %20, or 20 shares, in the horse and will retain the right to make final decisions regarding, but not limited to, races and jockeys.

Class B Partnerships

This program was designed to allow you to get in and out without getting "stuck" or totally invested in a single animal. Of course, if this single horse is making money for the partnership then he will stay as long as he is earning if you choose. In most cases, the horse will have been sold or claimed before the end of program. This is because Class B partnerships usually deals with claiming horses. This may not always be the case. If the partners wants to continue on with a new horse then the program will start over as if you were buying in for the first time. A partner may renew or purchase additional shares to sponsor another horse or more shares in the same horse if the horse is still available. The short term also allows the partnership to evaluate the horse's value based on earnings and start over fresh with a new horse if decided. During the program, a horse may be claimed or sold privately and the earnings will be divided among the partners. The purse earnings can be looked at a bit like paying out dividends. The partner will receive credit or a check when the horse earns money based on the number of shares he or she owns. Class B partners give sole discretion to the trainer and/or managing partner regarding the races, jockeys and general care of the horse. Remember, everyone involved is doing what is best for the partnership to be profitable. The trainer only earns money based on the horse's earnings. His success will be your success.

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More ownership options and facts can be found here --> Introduction to owning a race horse.

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